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A Yemeni, non-governmental, humanitarian, development foundation that seeks sustainable community sufficiency and an urgent response to the needs in the food and agricultural security, empowerment, health, education, WASH shelter and protection sectors in partnership with development actors locally and internationally.

Our vision

The leading foundation in maximizing sustainable humanitarian community sufficiency in Yemen accordance with the principles of institutional work

Our Mission

Responding to humanitarian needs and enhancing the opportunities for community sufficiency in Yemen, through quality interventions with sustainable impact and effective partnerships.


Governance – Humanity – Benevolence – Impact- Partnership

General purposes
  1. Upgrading the humanitarian institutional work, technically and humanly, and providing a reference model for workers in the sector
  2. Contribute to improving the quality of education outputs
  3. Contribute to improving health services efficiently and effectively
  4. Promoting self-sufficiency and sustainable recovery for society.
  5. Urgent response to the circumstances, necessary and emergency needs.
  6. Enhancing the community’s capabilities in utilizing its natural resources in an efficient and safe manner by taking advantage of clean renewable energy.
  7. Contribute to the society protection, its values ​​and its vulnerable groups

Our business sectors

Food security

Water and environmental sanitation sector






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our partners

SELAH Foundation for Development

A leading donor in education, health and development

Yemen – Hadramawt – Mukalla – west of Qawaiti Palace – next to Muj tourist hotel

Phone :  009675320888

Fax :009675320390

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